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Currently on a working vacation to write the long-promised book on Technology and the Evolution of Mankind.

An earlier book, the children’s book Dance of the Elves, is now in its second edition and available from Mercury Press for $15.

Dance of the Elves


If you would like to arrange for any (or all) of these lectures to be presented in your local library or other venue, let me know.  Please use this form to contact me:


Recent Events

Secrets of Leonardo da Vinci’s Virgin of the Rocks Revealed, Springfield, MAVirgin of the Rocks - Louvre

Dec. 3 (Thursday), Noon-1 pm Lecture slides

The Springfield Art Museum, 21 Edwards St. Springfield, MA. 413-263-6800 

Enjoy an artistic investigation together in time for Christmas! Andrew Linnell, an experienced lecturer and researcher of the Ancient Mysteries, will lead us through an entertaining discussion of the mysteries revealed in the original Virgin of the Rocks. Why were there two paintings? What was da Vinci attempting to depict? Who are the characters? Are they the two Messiahs anticipated in Essene-lore? Did any other artist paint similar scenes? If so, what might this mean to our Christian theology? Many fun questions to explore with a heavy dose of beautiful Renaissance art. Note: this is not a religious lecture, rather an unusual and entertaining art history talk meant for public and academic enrichment. New findings will be shared. Dan Brown fans will enjoy this! 

Link the Springfield Art Museum’s calendar for this event




Spiritual Science and the Role of Technology in Evolution, Kimberton (PA) Branch of Anthroposophical Society in America

Sept. 27 (Sunday), 2 – 4 pm, no slides – this will be a daytime talk.

Venue: Rose Hall, 1601 Pughtown Rd., Phoenixville, PA.

Michael’s battle with Ahriman as manifesting in machines, robotics, and Human-Machine hybrids. What can we learn from artificial intelligence and the predictions of a Singularity. What picture of our human future is emerging? The Western Path.

Ancient Warnings of Our Destiny with Machines, Beaver Run (PA) Branch of Anthroposophical Society in America Return of Hephaestus

Sept. 26 (Saturday), 8:30 – 10 pm, possible Lecture Slides

Venue: Rainbow Hall, 1784 Fairview Rd., Glenmoore, PA

Hephaestus, the God of Technology. Automatons. Zeus, Prometheus, Epimethius, and Pandora. Sleeping Beauty. The Western Path.




Mankind’s Destiny with Machines, Princeton (NJ) Branch of Anthroposophical Society in America

Sept. 25 (Friday), 7 – 9 pm, possible Lecture Slides,

Venue: The Princeton Waldorf School, 1062 Cherry Hill Rd, Princeton, NJ . Check back for more info.

Human-Machine hybrids are already here. From simple software to artificially intelligent robots: what does it say about the Human?  Why must we deal with machines for our evolution? The Western Path.  Will We Become Creators?

Spiritual Science and the Role of Technology in Evolution, NY Branch of Anthroposophical Society in AmericaMan Machine final

Sept. 24 (Thursday), 7 – 9 pm, Lecture Slides, Flyer

Venue: 138 West 15th St, (between 6th & 7th Aves), Manhattan NYC 212-242-8945. Check for more info.

Will We Become Creators? From robotics to Human-Machine hybrids, artificial intelligence, avatars, and the Singularity: is this a human future? Why must we deal with machines for our evolution? The Western Path.

Upcoming Lectures in Lancaster MA

History Lectures

Tracking the Ancient Mysteries from

Egypt to the Founding of America

 Presented By Andrew Linnell

Mondays, 6:30 – 7:45 P.M.

Thayer Memorial Library, Lancaster

For adults and youths older than 13 (PG-13)


Each lecture is “atomic” – come to one or to all. 


March 24: Recapitulation, Paulicians, Bogomils, & Cathars

March 31: Rosicrucians and European Mystics

April 7:      Mysteries of the Founding of America

April 14:    Holiday (no lecture)

April 21:    Holiday (no lecture)

April 28:   Freemasonry

May 5:    Mysteries of the Future


Andrew Linnell is a Consultant for EMC in Hopkinton, MA and a graduate of University of Michigan (BSE ’72, MSE ’73) and Emerson College (England ’79).  A Toastmaster, Andrew has been lecturing on various themes from the Knights Templar to the Ancient Mysteries to the ecological dangers from Nanotechnology.  

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